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Friday, May 26, 2006

Well, maybe it's time to give up the ghost

I haven't been posting all that much, as I'm finding less and less that I want to blog about with the rest of the known world. I have my LJ account, and that is enough. If you are a friend of mine that has my email address, you are invited to hop over to LJ and read all about my daily adventures. Just email me and I'll give you the name.

I don't think I'll be deleting anything just yet, there's a significant chunk of my life in here, but I'll be redirecting to something else. Archives, if you care, are still at

Happy thoughts: People whom I don't know have actually read and commented on my posts! The nice ones are awesome, and the fact that someone took the time out of their busy life to post a negative comment is kinda cool too.

PS - I quit my job and moved all the way from Orlando, Florida to Colorado. I've been here about a month, and it's quite awesome. I am happy. :-) I hope you're happy wherever you are too.
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