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Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Feeling sad and powerless

Alito confirmaiton seems all but assured.

There was talk of a filibuster. They said that they could. But They're not going to.

He wants an up or down vote, because He knows He will win. He doesn't care.

Does anyone?

The people who are supposed to represent Me are failing Me. If They had teeth and balls They would put up a fight. They would at least try. They aren't.

We created systems to keep any one person from becoming an emporer. We were supposed to be fair and balanced. No one is to be above the law.

But He doesn't care. He wants to play Jesus and Cowboys. And so He will.

I am but one, and small in large matters. I set My charge upon Them to protect Me, My rights, My freedom. That is My power, the power to ask of Them to do good for Me. And with a smile and a lie He and His people moved in, telling Us They care from one side of Their mouths, and damning Us with the other.

What does "Pro-Life" mean save that a child must be born whether a mother can give it a good life or not?

What are checks and balances of power in government if not a farce to keep Us quiet?

What is "fair" and what is "balanced" save empty rhetoric on a one sided ruse of objectivity?

And who will stand up for Me now? If You will not go to battle for Me, than who will You go to battle for? If You will not stand by the principles You say You have, what principles will You stand by?

I am but one, and My voice feels so silent.

Do You feel as powerless as I?


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