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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Okay okay!

So I did more than just "toss in a few graphics." I were having fun!

Anyway, it has come to my attention that some of the nifty nifties about the Blogger CSS template don't seem to work as well in Internet Explorer.

See, I don't use Internet Explorer. After converting to Firefox (which, by the by, is a much cooler name for a browser, isn't it?) I haven't looked back. If you don't have it, you should try it. Seriously! It's free, there are less pop-ups, and you get tabbed browsing!

Just what is tabbed browsing you ask?

Suppose you are browsing the 'net and you want to look at another web page, but you want to keep the page you're on open. Normally, if you were using IE, you would have to open up another window. Open up enough windows, and after a while your computer slows down and all kinds of icky, bothersome things.

But thanks to Firefox's tabbed browsing system, you have the option of opening a new window or a new tab, which stays in the window you already have open.

It totally changes the way you get around the internet!

Think about it! You can keep multiple tabs open in the same window, so, like, if you're paying bills or something, and want to keep an eye on your bank statement at the same time, you open a tab for your bank website, and tabs for the sites of whatever bills you're going to pay.


You want to comparison shop between Barnes & Noble and Amazon. Simple! Open tabs for each one. Hell, open tabs for each product you want to look at and click between them that way!

Last scenario:

You're doing a Google search (everyone here does use Google mostly, right?) for a topic, and you don't want to lose the results page. Open new tabs for each result you want to check out and you're gold!

Tabbed browsing is the best thing ever!

And Firefox has a bunch of other apparently cool features that I haven't really messed around with.


Not everything works correctly in Firefox. I myself have trouble viewing Quicktime movies, and I hear tell that some sites designed to look good on IE end up being unreadable on Firefox (but I don't go to these sites, so I haven't encountered any problems).

But still!!! This is such a cooler browser!

And you'd see my blog's site all pretty pretty like I mean it to be if you use Firefox. I have to figure out how to get Explorer to allow cookies so I can log into Blogger from Explorer and try to figure out what's wrong with the code. And frankly, I really don't feel like going through all that trouble.

It's much easier if you'll just download Firefox. ;-)


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