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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

So I've been thinking...

I've been thinking it might be fun to write a "self-help book for people who don't like self-help books." I dunno, something more for people my age, maybe even a little younger. It's really alienating to read books written by and for people ten to twenty years older. I'm also well aware that not everyone is down with the touchy-feely talk.

What do you guys think? I want to make all us "young people" stand up and say "We're not dumb. We're not slackers. We're not powerless. And we're not going to let anyone else decide who we are and who we're gonna be. We're intelligent, capable human beings that demand respect." I want us all to feel empowered to do things like vote, and to change the system for real.

Except for the people who already think this way. They don't really need much help. ;-)


  • At 9:47 AM, Anonymous MarkInCinci said…

    I came across this website when a colleague suggested I Google "failure" and check out the top response (it's what you'd think it would be). While at's response page, I also noticed Failure Comics' website link, and spent a few minutes to take a look. I then looked at your comics. (Sorry, I'm no one of any stature when it comes to comics.) I thought the comic's main character had potential, although the counterpart seemed somewhat like--what's a nice way to put it--a "dork," and reminded me of a goofball tenant I evicted many moons ago (though I'm certain the character isn't modeled after him, specifically). It looks like you're having fun making these comics, which seem almost like a modern-day "Cathy." Good luck with it.

  • At 1:33 PM, Blogger The Fabulous Miss Rose said…

    *smiles* I suppose that's the one good thing that Bush has done for me, getting me some recognition on the internet. (Or Michael Moore. I'm wondering how many people who are looking for him as a Failure are stumbling across my cohorts and myself.)

    No one of stature when it comes to comics? Feh! They're not written for "people of stature," they're written for "regular people" to read. And with that being said, thanks for the compliments!

    Of course, that "dork" is based off of my now ex-boyfriend, whom I would classify as more of a "geek." At any rate, he is indeed a very silly individual at times, and I'm glad that I can call him a friend now.


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