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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Okay, so sometimes working in the lighting industry is pretty cool.

Especially when you get to do things like go to Wet 'n Wild for free, at night, with free food 'n soda (and ice cream!), and no one in the park except for you, your cool coworkers, some of your friends, and a bunch of other people that you don't have to schmooze with at all.

And then you get to ride the awesomest water slide ever over and over and over and over and...

Well, you get the idea. OMG! I had such a great time! Two other rides were open at the park, "The Surge" and "The Black Hole." I rode all three. And yes, I was wary at first (know me long enough and know my dislike of heading downwards at an alarming pace of acceleration), but I realized that part of it was that I tend to shriek like a bain-sidhe ("banshee"), which embarasses me highly.

Or at least it used to.

All the shrieking was worth it. I rode Disco H20 about 5 times all told, The Surge twice, and the Black Hole once. Which was funny, because out of all of the water slides that I refused to ride as a child (all of them, basically), the Black Hole was my arch-nemesis. Other kids' accounts of it frightened me to death, and I vowed to stay away forever. Until some of my cohorts told me tonight that it wasn't nearly as intense as the ride that I'd been spending the most time on in the first place. So I gave it a shot.

Boy howdy, it was a lazy tubing run ride compared to Disco H20. What a surprise! In fact, the only ride I repeatedly wanted to go on was that one. Wow. I think I've come a long way.

Shame returning to the park in the heat of the Florida sun and having to wait in line would just spoil things now. But perhaps I shall return. I need to spread the love. And the best part is, in a way I'm connected to this, a water slide that people will willingly wait in line for repeatedly (sometimes even up to an hour or two). Not directly, but more than most of the people invited to this event. And that's pretty neat, y'know? How many other people get to talk about stuff like this?

And driving home on I-4, I felt the need for speed. Crusing along with my windows down, "Until The End Of The World" blaring from my speakers, the wind in my hair. I felt like that daring, wild, rebellious person that I've known I could be if I wasn't so afraid of things all the time.

But, no. I will not ride Splash Mountain again. And skiing is right out. ;-)


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