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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Meat Hangover

Brazilian style steakhouses rock.

Well, at least Texas de Brazil does. From the moment you walk in, and realize that this is one classy joint, to the moment you realize you can't possibly eat any more deliciously prepared steak/lamb/pork/chicken and then they bring out the desserts, you know you've had a good time. Well, pricey, but definitely good.

For those unfamiliar with the concept, this style of restaurant charges you simply per plate. You sit at your table with a little card that has a green side and a red side. There are lots of boys running around with various meats on huge skewers. If your card is flipped to the green side, these boys come over to you and offer you whatever meat they are carrying. If your card is flipped to red, they will leave you alone, unless you make eye contact with them or something.

Did I mention that Texas de Brazil (I have been to other restaurants of this ilk before) has some of the most delicious, tender, juciy meats I have ever tasted???

My friend Tony had recommended the place to me. And as I sat in my chair with my little tiara on (hey, it was my birthday after all) being offered tasty cut of meat after tasty cut of meat, I had to text message him. My note to him read "Hands down, bacon-wrapped filet mignon!!!" His response? "Meat coma."



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