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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Last night,

I dreamed my whole house was clean...

And so it is! Well, almost. My brother and his girlfriend (I wish I could just identify her as my friend, because she is...) came over today and helped me clean up the massive undertaking that was my living room. Gone is the coffee table and the useless vaccuum cleaner! They gave me use of their wonderful Dyson vac again (I had used it to clean my bedroom) and helped me rearrange my living room in a better format.

Wow, it's like, I have some fucking space in here for once! :-D

In other news, I am such an SNES RPG dork! Not only am I rockin' out old school with Chrono Trigger at the moment, I remembered that part of why I liked the game was that I had fallen in love with some of the music.

Has that happened to anyone else? You play some video game or other, with an 8-bit or MIDI soundtrack, and you get at least one song stuck in your head because you think it's just so damn beautiful? And then you think, "'s a video game!!! I'm not supposed to think highly of music from a video game!" This has happened to me with a few. I was such a dork in my formative years that I actually put a tape recorder up to the television to record parts of the soundtracks of my favorite RPGs. (Lagoon - OMG the music was amazing, Final Fantasy II - obvious, Arcana - again, fucking amazing!!!) But by the time I hit Final Fantasy III and Chrono Trigger, I was no longer inspired to do such silly things.

But then there was Secret of Mana.

There is some fucking beautiful music in this game. It was easy as hell to beat (I rented it and beat it over a weekend. Granted, I stayed up fairly late to do so, and didn't do much of anything else that weekend...) but it just stuck in my mind. It's one of those games that I'd play again, just to experience it. Kinda like Illusion of Gaia now that I think about it... (That water palace...OMG, I would play that game and save it just at that spot, it was so beautiful!)

Anyway, I found the greatest and bestest website ever! Here you can download MP3s of the entire Secret of Mana soundtrack, as it is now out of print.

Personal favorites (the only ones really worth downloading IMO):

"A Wish"
"Close Your Eyelids"
"A Bell is Tolling"
"The Oracle"
"Eternal Recurrence"
"A Conclusion"
"The Curse"
"The Legend"
"Still of the Night"
"Ceremony" note: this is a must have piece of music. There is nothing else like it anywhere, and seems way ahead of its time for a video game. This is the song that caused me to look for the SoM soundtrack in the first place.

So yeah, anyone know where I can get a used SNES and these RPGs again? Cuz IMO, the RPG genre took a turn for the worse once polygon graphics and complicated renderings came into play... (Except for Legend of Dragoon. That is a stellar game with actual plot and a fun way of doing battle. Highly recommended.)

Okay, I'm going back to Chrono Trigger now. I just hit a really sad scene that they actually made a little anime clip for in the re-release. It was very beautiful and sad, it made me vechlempt...

PS - No worky for me tomorrow! Yay! Thank you Wilma!


  • At 7:27 AM, Anonymous Johannes said…

    Thanks for that Secret of Mana Link. Sweet memories coming up at once when listening... ;)

    That game is awesome. As is the music. I played Secret of Mana together with two friends. Two of us (including me) didn't really have a clue, but it was fun!

    However... haven't played it for ages and don't have it here with me right now. :(

    I agree with you... mostly the cooler, more complex games and superior concepts were before the 3D rendered generation.


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