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Thursday, August 18, 2005

Where the heck have I been?

It's been far too long, hasn't it?
So, let's recap:

1) I have been dutifully taking a mood stabilizer twice a day every day for the past two weeks. I'm not completely evened out, but the mood swings are somewhat gentler. I think I was so positive when I started taking them because I went into a shift of euphoria overdrive. I fell into a slight depression last weekend, but without most of the wishes to do bad things to myself that has been accompanying such. This is good.

2) My dad's birthday was last weekend. Yay! He is still alive, and as well as can be expected, and we didn't get into an argument about the minivan or nuthin'! We also feasted on mussels, clams, paella, cheesecake and coconut flan! (We are an ecclectic group, my family.)

3) My aunt gave me a haircut over the weekend as well. 'Bout friggin' time!

4) I hooked up the PS2!!! That's mostly where I have been, aside from the being more anti-social because of the depression thing. I forgot how much fun it is to immerse yourself in a really cool video game for several hours. Almost like reading a good book, 'cept there's repetetive musical accompanyment that keeps playing along in the game. And there are more monsters to fight. Definitely more monsters.

Oh, right, I should mention that I have been playing Chrono Trigger, one of the bestest ever RPGs of all time!!! In fact, I came online merely to get some advice from a walk-through on something (it may be wussy, but it really saves some time when you're not sure what you're doing). And now I'm going to go back to looking up my walkthrough. I just thought I'd pop in and say hi.


I see my psychiatrist for a follow-up appointment tomorrow, btw. It's funny, he wrote my diagnosis codes on my receipt/next appointment sheet of paper. There was a key for a lot of the diagnoses, but mine weren't on it! So my clever, resourceful boy looked them up for me. Apparently so far I am labeled as "general mood disorder" and "general personality disorder."

My personality is in disorder? Hmph.

Yeah, I really do find this amusing at the moment. Although I'm suspicious that I might get labeled as "borderline." It'll take a little time to make peace with that thought, if it's the case. My limited experience with borderline people hasn't been pleasant, and I'd hate to think myself as such. Although another discussion with the boy has led me to remember to be open minded about things, and not have an absolute negative or positive opinion about certain personality traits and whatnot. *sigh* My apologies to anyone I've thought wrongly about, whether we know it or not.


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