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Wednesday, August 03, 2005

What a strange 24 hours it has been so far...

So I went out to this club called Pulse last night with my friend Matty and proceeded to both rock the mic at karaoke (although another girl beat me in the contest *pout*) and get fairly drunk off of cheap martinis. Nuthin' weird about all that.

So we're driving home when Matty's car stalls for no reason a little ways from my house. It was very amusing to deal with car problems while drunk. (No, really!) I don't drink that often, so when I do I like to have enough time to enjoy it, even if I'm waiting for AAA.

I go home to sleep it off, though, and whilst lying in bed awaiting my transition to dreamland I suddenly remembered this really really creepy story from the Creepshow movie. Usually movies don't freak me out, but oh my god this just messes with my head.

Creepshow is a movie of four separate horror/sci-fi-ish stories, and the last one... *shudder* Okay, so like, there's this guy who's not too bright who lives on this farm, right? And this meteor crash lands in his backyard one night. And for some reason (maybe it's setting things on fire?) it's too hot, so he dumps water on it, but by doing that it causes all these weird, super-thin blades of grass to spring up everywhere. And it gets worse and worse, and he can't figure out that water is what causes it to spread, so it, like, ends up on his hands and his tongue and stuff. And it makes him itch, so he goes and sits in a bathtub of water to stop the itching! The next thing you see is this human form lumbering around, covered in grass, with all the creepy sounding breathing effects of someone with grass growing in their lungs *shudders again* and he goes and gets a shotgun and blows his head off! And the last scene is montages of how this grass just grows and grows and grows until the whole farm is covered....

I am getting all kinds of creeped out just by writing about it. *shudders even more*

And so I can't get that out of my head for a bit (and I even tried of thinking of cute puppies and sunbeams and stuff).

Then at the same time I suddenly started remembering the feeling of visiting Reston for the first time with my ex (which was a September). This is harder to explain, but there are memories for me that are just feelings of stuff, and sometimes they tie into the feelings of the seasons and other stuff. Usually I get some feeling of September and autumn in late summer (which is funny because there are no outward signs that autumn is coming, and September is really just as hot as summer down here).

So the feeling of fall approaching has been with me today as well.

And then this morning there was mad crazy traffic congestion, about a million cops (just cops, no firemen or ambulances) headed in the opposite direction of me, all of them in undercover vehicles (some of which are actually given normal paint jobs, so Orlando residents beware! They're not all white!), and then this guy in front of me slows down to avoid a hubcap rolling out into the street. I look over to see that somehow a woman had turned off of the road, up onto the curb, over about 10 feet of sidewalk, and smashed into the side of a parked semi-truck trailer (that was right next to a chain link fence, which she also drove through). It must have just happened, I could still see her in the car.

And yet, with all the traffic and diversions, I made it to work on time!

WTF??? This is most definitely a weird day...


  • At 2:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Hi its Mike from college. I just finished reading your webcomic and I think its really cute and funny. I'm living in orlando now and thought we could catch up sometime.

    P.S. Creepshow was AWESOME.


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