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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

A slight rant on gender equality...

So yes, the subject has come up a couple of times recently, and I must say that I am getting a little frustrated.

If you are a white male, you are obviously going to see the world a little differently than if you are a white woman. (Same goes for black men, black women, hispanics, asians, etc. etc.) But come on people!

I had a well-educated black man from New York tell me that he thinks that women have more power than they realize.

I had two transient white gentlemen from Philly remark upon how it sucks being a white male because they're the butt of all jokes momentarily, and basically get no respect.

I read a cute little column in Oprah magazine (supposedly written by a male psychologist) which repeated the fact over and over again that apparently all men really want is sex.

True, women are not powerless, but the ones who succeed more often in not are the ones who fit into the roles created for them through the "male" paradigm. (I put "male" in quotes because it's really a societal structure at this point favoring one viewpoint traditionally associated with one gender rather than the other.) How many average looking women are rock stars? How many successful businesswomen are "bitchy?" Men honestly do think differently than women. When I stated this to the gentleman from New York, he was baffled. "Men are really simple! We like things simple! There's nothing to figure out!" Which completely circumvented the initial statement.

"Simple" vs. "Complicated" is most definitely different. Just because men think one way doesn't mean women think the same.

And it's not even down to a matter of "men" vs. "women" so much as "those who think like engineers" and "those who think like artists." Not even that really. There are so many different variations on thought, it can boggle the mind.

But I digress.

My point (which seemed to be ignored at the time) is that society is still based on the way most men (and some women) tend to think. I am trying to go into details about this, but I only have a vague perception of it based on memories from reading The Feminine Mystique (which I highly reccommend to anyone, just for the sense of history alone). So you'll just have to look for it yourself. But believe me, it's there. Work for a workaholic and you'll understand.

And as for men wanting to have sex all the time, this can't possibly be true, can it? Don't get me wrong, I love sex, and I love being considered beautiful and sexy, but I personally feel rather empty if this is the entirety of others' perceptions of me. I am so much more than my naughty bits, and I would venture to extend the same courtesy to my counterparts.

I see it as an insult to men everywhere that they are simplified to such an extent that all they really want is to have sex. How do the men in the house feel about this? Honestly, I want to know. I am confused.


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