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Monday, June 13, 2005

So despite all of the familial drama on Friday (more about that in a second), I had a pretty nice weekend.

Ah yes, familial drama. So I mentioned I was getting a minivan? Only the terms of the arrangement were unknown? Well, apparently my parents didn't really discuss amongst themselves what exactly they wanted from me. So, in a sense, the minivan is a loan. How long of a loan? I'm not sure. See, my car still works. It just needs service, and I was getting really stressed about having to take it in.

Did I mention my mother worries too much?

I asked her for some helpful, grounded advice, because I was getting too overwhelmed with everything, and her response was "take the van, your car is too dangerous, we'll sell it."

Now, I don't think there are many people out there who would want my car. The leather seats have been "gently loved", the plastic in the interior falls off every now and again like limbs off of a leper, and the pain job is wearing away enough to allow the metal to become slightly rusty in spots.

So yeah, Stella needs some work.

What I was thinking was to just take her in to the Volvo mechanics we've been using as long as we've lived in The City Beautiful and say "Need parts? How much will you give me for her?" Simple, clean, a situation I could handle. But no.

*sighs* No, that's not good enough for my father. I mean, his heart's in the right place and all, but his preferred life lesson method equates to throwing a small child into a swimming pool so they'll learn how to swim. (And yes, for a time I had a swimming instructor who did just that. My comrades from the daycare center and I would huddle in shivering groups after it was over, congratulating ourselves if we didn't cry that day. But I digress...)

Not only is selling my car for parts a bad idea, but the minivan that they're lending me apparently isn't good enough for me either. (It does need work. The AC is busted, and the left rear speaker is blown. Plus there are other things going wrong with it that I probably don't know about yet.)

So basically, I am not allowed to drive the car that I actually own, I am not allowed to own the car that actually drives, and I have to magically pull enough money out of my ass to either buy someone else's hunk 'o junk or put myself into massive debt. All on my own. I have no say in the matter.

You see, my parents really do care. (Actually they do. My dad was really sweet and bought me a little fan that plugs into the cigarette lighter, to help with the airflow in the van.)

But I do have the minivan for the moment, and despite the lack of air conditioning it's not so bad. (The blown speaker is very annoying though.) It's so nice to smoothly glide down the road, the engine responding gracefully to the small amount of pressure I need to actually make the thing accelerate. On-ramps are no longer an obstacle to my merging onto I-4. I can pass those intimidating semis (and other large vehicles) with ease. I may become incredibly spoiled by this.

Plus, a little miracle of nature showed up this morning. As I looked behind me to make sure I wasn't hitting anything/anyone whilst backing out of my space, I noticed a perfectly made spider's web hung between the backseat and the floor of the trunk, gleaming in the morning sun.

Unfortunately, there was a semi-large, slightly intimidating looking spider sitting smack dab in the middle of it.

Now, I love nature, and I'm happy seeing little bits of it attempting to take back the land from the iron grasp of humainty, just not in my car. I was a jumble of nerves on the way to work, imagining spider legs crawling over me whilst helpless to do anything about it. I checked behind me frequently. The little guy hung on pretty well until I hit about 70 with all the windows cracked. But sure enough, once I slowed down and parked, I saw him sitting in the middle of his web again, waiting for all of the other tasty insects that lived in the trunk to come along.

My coworkers found my neurosis amusing, and refused to give me straight, reassuring answers about anything. I tried to identify my spider online, and found enough information to think that perhaps my fellow passenger was a brown widow. I compulsively searched Google on and off, finding out only just before lunch that perhaps I had only a mere garden spider trying to catch flies in my trunk. But I just couldn't be certain...

To make matters worse, at lunch we all went outside to see if he was still there, and he had vanished. Hopefully he got out of my car the same way he got in (no idea) and I won't see him again. I pray he didn't try to find a shady spot of the car to rest in...waiting until dark to come back out...

Hmm? Oh, right, the rest of my weekend.

My brother is being the awesomest sibling ever and is helping me acquire the pieces of my new computer. The parts will be ordered Friday, and I should have them Monday. Hooray! The only snag being that I may have to figure out how to reinstall XP...Uh oh...

I ran into an old acquaintance on Sunday, and ended up spending the evening with him and his friends. We went for lackluster Thai food (the company was great, the food was okay, the restaurant experience was off), and then I finally went to the famous Southern Nights, the gay club down the street from my apartment. We drank, we danced, we made merry. I was made deaf my speakers that were cranked to a level appropriate for a Saturday night dancefloor packed with people, not a Sunday night dancefloor sprinkled with myself and my companions.

I was very flattered when the lighting guy came out of the booth to (I am assuming) compliment my dancing abilities. Such a sweetie! I told him I work for the company that sold his club the lights, and we had a nice little bonding moment. I think I will have to return. Plus there is something so wonderful about being able to drink as many vodka tonics as I can afford, only to drunkenly stumble home later. Single girl walking home drunk? Dangerous? Nah...


  • At 8:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    So long as the hard drives weren't damaged, you shouldn't have to reinstall the OS. That would suck a lot, as it would result in losing all your data, but I don't think it should be a problem, you should be able to just drop the new mobo in there. Yeah, there's drivers that will have to be installed, but that's a minor annoyance that shouldn't take more than a couple of hours, tops. -T


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