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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Nobody thought my Photoshopping was funny!?


And I know that six of you are now zombies. But no one posted a comment about it. Even the undead can post a comment on a blog!

Aaaaand I know that the majority of you seem to be using Internet Exploder instead of Firefox.

What is up with you people???? (After all, tabbed browsing is most definitely where it's at.)

Ah, no, I'm not all that upset honestly. But I am terribly disappointed. I thought "surely, surely someone will make a comment about my funny things while I am away for the weekend." But noooo. Y'all have to be all quiet and stuff. I see how it is...

Speaking of the weekend, yay I got to see my boy! *claps hands repeatedly* Hee hee, that was the funnest most bestest weekend I've had in a long time, and very close to the "romantic getaway of my dreams." We played Katamari Damacy and Midnight Club 3, and went to a really (really) nice sushi restaurant (you can tell how good the sushi joint is by the quality of their miso, and OMG it was good), and met up with several friends from the area that I thought I'd never get to see again, and watched a few movies. Upon the discovery that I had never seen Predator, it was immediately decided by all that this anomaly must be remedied. (Now I too wish to be a sexual Tyrannosaurus...) And then I demanded to see Secratary and Unleashed (both quite awesome in their own way. Ass thumpings all around actually.). We also tried to catch what's-his-face's Metropolis (the creator of Astro-Boy, not Fritz Lang, although the anime was inspired by stills from the movie), but unfortunately it ran longer than the dvr's allotted recording time, so it cut out just when things were getting really really good (dammit).

We also got in lots of quality touchy-feely time, something I am sorely lacking at home. I could say it's amazing how important touch is to me, but I don't find it amazing, just profound. Not even sex, just touching someone. Basic human contact. (Well, yes, sex is profoundly important too...) I recall the more affectionate days of my youth, and sometimes I wonder what happened.

But any way, I had a really wonderful time. The boy is quite a pleasure to spend time with, physical contact or no, and adorably geeky. (I think I helped convince him to spend a theoretically ungodly sum on a really wicked sick new video card.) He also has a taste for hip hop, and happily gave me a collection of NWA tracks to listen to, which I did on the flight back.

Appropriately enough, it rained when I left, and the vocalizations of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Easy E carried me home, where I encountered a tremendous thunderstorm in the sky. Huge billowing clouds barely visible save for the little dances of lighting between them.

My flight was delayed about 20 minutes as a result.

And, as always, the humidity was there to greet me as I stepped off the plane. I'm not sure if "home" is what I think when I breathe it in, but it's familiar, and I find that I've usually missed it while I was gone.


  • At 10:53 PM, Blogger Antar said…

    Well, if you want, I can let you borrow Metropolis next time I see you.

    And I thought your photoshop was very silly. Quite silly indeed.

  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger The Fabulous Miss Rose said…

    Yay! That would save me a rental at Stardust!

    Quite silly? Did it give you giggle fits? *grins*


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