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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Dear Goddess please hear my prayer...

I found this out from Drew, and all I ask of you now is... Please please please make this movie not suck.

Every so often somebody creates something amazingly beautiful and wonderful and special that will last forever and ever and ever in the hearts and minds of all it has touched. I've seen the documentary, the amount of love and creativity that went into the original Dark Crystal movie is amazing. Talk about a meeting of minds.

And now... They want to make a sequel now!? I am relieved that a lot of the original people who worked on it are being brought back on board, but I wonder how much time and age have changed things? (And yet part of me is chiding myself for my lack of faith in Brian Froud. Tsk tsk.) Not only that, the marketingspeak that I read in the little press release is disturbing to me.
"...they want to work to bring back many of their existing productions and franchises." What!? That's all this was to them, a product? A franchise? To make a cartoon series and a videogame out of??

No no no no. This doesn't add up at all.

To me, The Dark Crystal has always been one of those rare treasures of sheer artistry, done for it's own sake. But as I write this I am suddenly remembering all of the marketing they did and products they made for the 1982 release. Just look on eBay, it's all there. (And Drew owns most of it. I've seen his collection, it's impressive.) So I suppose this was really part of their initial intention all along. *sigh*

Is there not one pure, beautiful, untouched thing in this world? I suppose not. I often find myself thinking of ways to market and sell some of my own existing ideas. The Force may be strong within me, but the Dark Side is oh so tempting. How can I hold others to standards I can barely keep myself? And we all hopefully know now that there is no shame in an artist wanting to make a living with their talents. But still...

The only peaceful thought I have of this is that actually, behind all the marketing glitz and sales promotions, the good things really do shine through on their own. And I can see it, and other people can see it. So I guess it's really all okay.

Exit music: "Float On" - Modest Mouse


  • At 9:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    When I was young I recorded the original off TV. My mother recorded over it. I left her no peace until she got me another copy of it, about 8 years later. -SB


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