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Monday, May 02, 2005

Being a part of popular culture...

So yes, every single person I know loves Family Guy, and because of this I have given up ranting about it so. I even went to my brother's apartment to watch the premiere.

Don't get me wrong, some of the jokes are quite funny, the show is well animated and well written, I just have issues with a few things that other people don't really seem to notice or care about.

Anyway, it was a decent episode. Not their best, but a good comeback. And it was very amusing to spot all of the liberal touches in the background. (Brian, the dog, was reading "Dude, Where's My Country?" by Michael Moore, and the family's car had a "Kucinich '04" bumper sticker on it. These are not the trappings of a well balanced Democrat, these are the markings of the way to the left liberals, and it makes me wonder how much of it is them just trying to push the envelope on the most Republican station I know, Fox? Hmm...)

Best joke of the evening IMO was the G.I. Joe moment. There is not a person out there in my generation who will not hear the phrase "Now we know!" and not automatically think/reply in response "And knowing is half the battle!" (See? You were thinking it before you even read that I had typed it. I'll bet you even have the voices singing "G.I. Joooe" in your head right now.)

And of course, discussing this later with my special boy prompted further delving into our respective childhoods, where I discovered some geek cred long dormant. How could I ever forget my youthful days playing games on my dad's Amiga (Commodore 64) playing such awesome games as Bubble Ghost and Marble Madness? I even beat both of them, and well before the NES versions came out (which, out of some early form of pretention I suppose, I had thought were inferior). How we even got these games I don't know, but I recall so many moments of frustration, anticipation, triumph (oooh, my face would turn as red as that little ghost's when my bubbles popped). Good times, definitely good times.

And somedays I wish I could still group all of those little lemmings into one spot and blow them to smithereens. Hey, maybe I still can...


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