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Sunday, April 10, 2005

Today, I am Goddess...

...for today, I went clothes shopping at Target and had a blast! I even got brave and tried on a few swimsuits. Dare I say I looked tolerable? Perhaps even good? (In the right ensemble of course. I am so happy that these superhot short-skirt-over-bikini-bottom pieces are around now. As well as the oh so flattering swimsuit/halter top. Where was all this stuff when I was awkward and actually went to the beach?)

I didn't actually buy the swimsuit though, because I would only really need it for the grand opening of a spiffy new water ride. I don't know if I am going yet though, so there's no need to buy a swimsuit that I won't wear that often that may go out of style by next year. Or is there? Hmm...

Men amuse me so greatly sometimes. As I was standing at the cash register of the gas station, wearing my little black Sandman t-shirt, one of my trademark black skirts, and my superawesome go go boots, an older fellow walked in the door. As he passed by me I heard him say under his breath "Yes m'aam!" As there were no other females in the store at the time, I can only assume his comment was directed at me. Is it wrong to get a slight kick out of 40-something grungy biker-ish guys thinking that I'm hot?

Eh, it's gotta be the boots.


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