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Friday, April 29, 2005

Things have been happening...

I just haven't really felt like writing about them.

On Wednesday I went over to my brother's house, and helped bake a cheesecake for my mother's surprise birthday party. Everything went great until we put on an episode of Law & Order, at which point my energy level dropped at I passed out on the couch. Television will do that to me...

The cheesecake turned out brilliantly, and I did have a tiny piece of it, to sample my work. Hopefully I won't end up feeling too sick, but Gods it was worth it. Mmmm....

Mom's surprise party was last night, and we almost pulled it off completely. Had my brother not shown up too early and stumbled a bit when he encountered my mother still home (he made a nice recovery though), and had I actually made it to their house before my parents showed back up the surprise would have been completely perfect. (I had to recover the lobsters hidden in my fridge, and then book it across town during rush hour. Not an easy feat.) As it was, my mother was still happily surprised, we feasted on lobster, filet mignon, and cheesecake, and we all just enjoyed each others' company. Something we do rather well.

Of course, my brother's girlfriend was there, and his best friend from forever ago who is part of the family and calls me "sis." And of course I got grilled about my new boy. I really don't come up with answers well when put on the spot, but I did my best to offer up a few bits of information.

The funny thing to me was that everyone kept commenting on how thin I have become. "You're so skinny!" They all said. Am I? Has it been that long since I've seen anyone? Or perhaps it was just that I was wearing clothes that were my proper size and not too large for me. I'm not sure, but it was slightly disconcerting. My body image is such that I don't often know how I really look to others, and I will think myself one way when I am actually another.

Perhaps it's only bothersome because people don't make a big fuss when you've gained weight.


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