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Monday, April 11, 2005

So finally, after all this time... (warning, pee humor)

...I had a real, honest-to-goddess doctor appointment! Wow! 15 dollar co-pays rock. In fact, health insurance rocks.

Of course, I've had this long history of showing up for doctor appointments being expected to pee in a cup and not being able to deliver the goods. Hey, I went before I left! So now I get all anxious about it, and want to be prepared. Today this meant that, about an hour before I had to leave, I opted not to use the facilities, thinking "If I go now I won't be able to go later, so I'll just wait."

Now, it takes about 45 minutes for me to get to my current "Primary Care Physician." I didn't really consider that I could have just downed a bucket of water before I left. So by the time I was on my merry way, I was starting to get mighty uncomfortable. Traffic seemed to slow down. Every light turned red. And when I show up at the office? There's a lady already at the desk, taking up the attention of every single receptionist! Were I not trying to keep my ladylike composure, I probably would have been doing a little dance in the waiting room. Instead, I edged closer and closer behind the woman in front of me, probably making her think "what a pushy bitch!"

finally it was my turn to talk to the nice ladies behind the window. I don't know how desperate I sounded as I asked "Do you guys need a sample? Because I really have to use the bathroom." But they were quick to sense my need, and ushered me into the bathroom toute suite. Ahhh. Relief.

Heh, they probably didn't need one anyway.

The rest of my visit went pretty well. I forgot how cool my doctor can be. (This happens when you don't see her for years at a time.) It was amusing to tell her about how during the time I hadn't seen her I had quit smoking, only to start up again before my appointment.

We discussed nutrition, a very important subject to me. And she reassured me that I would not, in fact, die if I re-introduced fruit into my diet. (It was very amusing to hear her suggest Weight Watchers as an appropriate diet for me to follow if I so choose. I may have to give them a second look...but not my money.) She even seemed to think that I might be able to have the occasional potato knish... But that may just be wishful thinking.

Upon returning home, I had a craving to put some Annie Lennox on my stereo. As I sang along (really sang, not that toned down, shy "people are watching me" singing that most people hear), my cats started mewling at me. Thomas even put his paws up on my thigh. (He's a disturbingly large cat sometimes.) I really don't understand this phenomenon. No one else has witnessed this behaviour either, as I don't usually sing in my true voice around others whilst my cats are in my presence. Hmm...

I don't think they'd do the same thing if I sang along to Tribe Called Quest tho... (Yo, microphone check one two what is this...)


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