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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

One of my friends turned into a boy!

And a rather cute one at that, tee hee.

I am, of course, all smiles and giggles, and my brain keeps coming up with countless unladylike thoughts best not disclosed to the general public. I will say, though, that he is totally my type (geeky and "interesting"), and I get to visit him very soon on a much needed vacation pour moi.

Visit you say? Well, yes, there is the unfortunate side effect of life that he lives several states up the coast from me, but I say "Feh! Minor detail." After all, this is what AIM and "nights & weekends" minutes were made for. (And webcams. Maybe.)

In other news, my parents are being totally cool and buying me tons of meat as a housewarming gift. Yay for not having to stock up on my own groceries! Parents rock. Now all I need is to find someone who will buy me a pair of shoes that fit...

Call me smitten and we'll chalk this up to a good day.


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