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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

The Lover Speaks...

So I got suddenly interested in who actually wrote/performed "No More I Love Yous" before Annie Lennox did. Lo and behold, The Lover Speaks.

I spoke to my ex last night. The first thing he said to me was "I'm mad at you that you started smoking again!" Heh, I wasn't expecting that. Not from him. It was actually kind of nice to know he cares. (At least, I think he does. There are lots of reasons to yell at someone who started smoking again.)

He sounds like he's doing well. He seems to enjoy his new job well enough, and he's been out playing the field as well. It sounds like he has found an environment that makes him really happy, one that he belongs in. I hope it's all true, I really do. When he told me he was dating other girls, I felt really, truly, honestly happy and excited for him. Happier than when he told me he got his job, even. It seems he's doing what he has wanted to do in his life for so long.

Now it's to me to go pursue a little happiness of my own.

Life's falling back into a little bit of balance. I remembered that eating regularly and doing the dishes are good things. And Mercury is finally out of retrograde! Thank the Goddess. I mean, it happens periodically and all (we've got two more rounds to go through this year), so I should focus more on just accepting it (which I usually do), but things are always just a little trickier for those long weeks. It's funny how fast opportunities and experiences open back up to me as soon as it goes direct again. I may even find the will to jump on the wagon again and kick the inhalable cancer habit... Maybe.

And here is a fun blog with a sad story: Waiter Rant


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