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Monday, April 18, 2005

I'm watching you...

Well, sort of.

Wow, apparently there are, like, five more of you out there than I thought.

Yeah, I went and got a free website stat counter, as my nagging curiosity got the better of me. Hey, it's a little piece of mind. Kind of like my cell phone. I carry it with me so I have undisputed proof that no one has called me.

*sigh* It's been a lonely, but productive weekend. I stayed home and unpacked/rearranged some more. It's starting to look like a person lives in my apartment, rather than uses it for storage space! The highlight of this was finally getting around to doing my little Feng Shui analysis of my apartment. Turns out it's almost perfect! How cool is that? The only area I might want to stay away from that I can't is my bedroom, but other than that everything seems to balance out pretty nicely.

I have also realized how much more time I seem to have when I am not watching television. Now that I'm not glued to a glowing box for hour long chunks of time I find that I am getting more done, and still am able to take little cat naps throughout the day. (There is nothing sweeter on this earth than having a tiny little tabby cat curl up next to you on your bed and rest her precious head on your arm. Nothing.)

Thomas, my other cat, finally escaped for an evening though. He'd been threatening to for a while, and he finally made a break for it today. I had to just let him go off and do his thing. What else was I going to do? He was gone for most of the evening, and came back late last night, howling at the door, wanting my dinner. *sighs and shakes head* What am I gonna do with him?


  • At 9:08 AM, Anonymous Jeff Skinner said…

    Me watchin' you...
    You watchin' me...



  • At 11:53 AM, Blogger The Fabulous Miss Rose said…

    *assumes a deadpan stare directly at you*

    I have to warn you, I am quite good at staring. And my Kung Fu is certainly much better than yours.


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