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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

I rocked that mic!

So, after weeks of badgering and cajoling, I finally went out for two dollar martini night with my "gay boyfriend." It took a lot of effort to get ready to go, as I was completely wiped, but I was spurred on by the discovery that I can one again fit (veeery snugly) into my gogo boots! Hell yeah, I am sexy goddess woman again. How could I not go out after that?

Aside from the cheap booze and the fun atmosphere (I kinda like watching hot guys in skimpy undies dance on bars while lecherous men look on), there was karaoke! An unfortunate lack of my personal karaoke favorites led to a wonderful discovery: Psycho Killer (by the Talking Heads)! Of course, it sounds a lot better when David Byrne sings it, but I gave it my all. I rocked.

When I tried to attempt Dizz Nee Land (by Dada) I didn't do so hot. I forgot my cardinal rule of karaoke: never sing songs originally sung by guys. I may be an alto, but I can't go that low.

Ah well, I had a pretty good time anyway.


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