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Monday, April 04, 2005

I almost painted another wall...

...before I realized that according to Daylight Savings Time, I would be starting this endeavour at 10 pm instead of 9. D'oh!

I did, however, finish putting my bitchin' computer desk together. And the stereo setup (the basic stuff plus the ancient turntable and amplifier I keep around to look cool for all those people who never come over to my apartment). And the currently useless television. (Once I hook up my old NES though, it's Tetris time baby!)

And I made a lovely, if well done dinner. My apartment came equipped with a broiling pan (oh happy day!), so I felt ambitious and decided to make "real food" rather than the little frozen turkey burgers I was subsisting on. Unfortunately, I got a little overzealous with the timing of my steak. But crunchy on the outside isn't always so bad.

At least the brocoli came out perfectly steamed.


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