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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

"Habeus Papum" they say...

The new pope is from Germany? Uh oh.

Yes, in the eternal words of Triumph "I keed!" But do I really? Prejudice compels my instincts to tell me that a German pope does not bode well for us, and I know that this may be folly on my part. However, hearing that he is quite conservative on the same old issues that have plagued the Catholic church for decades, and the suggestion that this is what helped get him elected cause me sincere worry.

And yet, when I think on it, I know that the Catholic church's power is waning. If they continue to cling to their outdated traditions, they will continue to lose followers to newer, prettier, shinier versions of Christianity that promise easy salvation. What worked to control the masses in the 11th century may not necessarily work today.

Jewish culture understsood this, and despite the opinions of some of the Orthodox and Hasidics, there is room for many different ways to celebrate Jewish faith and culture. You have to adapt if you want to survive. Especially now, in this rapidly-paced age of Aquarius. (There has been some debate and speculation as to whether we actually are in the Age of Aquarius, but I say how could we not be? Computers are a tool of the water bearer, connecting the world at large through a fine, rapidly growing and changing network akin to our own nervous systems. Aquarius and Uranus, its ruling planet, influence technology. I highly doubt the internet would have been born in Pisces.)

Still, the pseudo-death throes of Catholicism may yet send spasms of strife throughout the world. One clings most to life when one is near death. And what of the new converts to a more addictive version of Christianity? (In my reflections that religion, especially Christianity, is yet another addictive "substance" one could compare the Catholic church to cocaine, wheras the megachurch phenomenon would be crack.)

We shall indeed see where this new pope leads his flock...


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