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Monday, April 25, 2005

Back In Black

Hee hee. My boy made the comment this weekend that I was a little AC/DC, and once I got it I found it rather amusing. It really fit as I was clomping through the Dulles airport to go home in my boots and my "Classic Rose" era Long Black Skirttm (which I had brought with me for shits and giggles). I smiled as my boots clicked on the tile floor and heavy black fabric swirled around my ankles, and definitely thought "I'm back." I felt like I was the old Rose again, only better, the way I always wanted to be.

My weekend away went quite swimmingly, and a good time was had by all. It's interesting switching over to a nocturnal schedule. There's the same amount of daylight upon waking, only it goes away instead of increases. And then there's the odd experience of meeting up with people for a while only to have them say "let's call it a night" when your own night is just beginning. But I fared pretty well. Not looking at the clock too much helped. And not being ready to pass out when I got home was a great boon. (Yeah, you try making it through baggage claim at 11:30pm and getting home around 1am on a diurnal schedule and see how you feel.)

I did have such a sense of deja vu, though. It seemed like everyone I met I had met before, and I was retreading familiar ground, only with someone new. It was slightly disorienting perhaps, but only if I stopped to think hard on it.

Seeing my ex again was interesting. (I was returning to him things he forgot at the apartment.) He's still the same boy I knew, both in good and bad ways, and I got him to do his wicked Smeagol/Gollum impression for everyone we were out with. (He's frighteningly good at it.) Things got tense only for a moment, and I am certain that I did something accidentally to provoke it, but I didn't really think about it until later. At any rate, he seems to be moving on with his life and I am happy to see that.

*sighs* And now I am back home to my cats, my job, and my messy apartment.


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