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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Will you get this...?

Blogger seems to be acting up. But anway,

I may have an apartment! I am just waiting to hear back from a lady that I am, in fact, an upstanding citizen of the community, and am not the type of person to skip town without paying the rent.

This is why I am posting so late. I had to go out during my lunch hour, and I didn't really feel like typing something hurried at work before or after.

Not like I have all that much to say today. I did find out that my ex didn't get the job he was hoping for, so he'll be packing up and leaving soon. I am slightly distressed, as the guy deserves a good job. And more than that, he really deserves to be happy. I hope he finds it, and soon.

March is blowing in "like a lion" as the saying goes. I find it funny that the day I find my place to live is the day that my "roommate" finds out where he will be living as well... The Goddess works in mysterious ways I suppose.


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