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Tuesday, March 08, 2005

So, I can't just leave all my stuff in my old apartment?

It has dawned on me today that I seriously need to get my ass in gear and start packing up to move. The impetus for this was the plight of my brother and his lovely lady this past weekend. After the haphazard packing of many garbage bags, my brother looked at me, and with as much wisdom as the younger of two siblings can muster (actually, quite a lot now that I think about it) he said "Pack. For the love of God, pack. It'll make things so much easier for all of us."

And so commences the first Great Purge of 2005.

Would you believe all of the things I hang onto for no good reason? Art supplies I will never use. Crappy old projects from college I will never put into any portfolio. "Random neat stuff" that I keep squirreled away in boxes, only to appreciate when I either move or decide that it's time to go through my "Random Neat Stuff" to get rid of some of it.

If I don't bring this stuff out very often, then surely I don't need it. Right?

Unfortunately, one of the neat things about being a packrat is that every so often I go through my little treasure trove and find something really cool and useful to me at that exact moment. I see it as a metaphor for myself sometimes; being able to find hidden resources, things I didn't even know I had within me. (Well, sometimes I know things are there. I once was able to keep an umbrella hidden in my purse, which I then pulled out and suprised people with in the event of rain. Yes, in my head literal and metaphorical can meld into one amorphous shimmery cloud.)

How much of myself can I actually purge? I love simple, clean, and neat. But life is just so messy! No matter how big and broad and all-expansive you think something is, it is always made up of many smaller things. (Matter is composed of cells are composed of atoms are composed of protons/electrons/neutrons are composed of quarks, which can be charming I am told.) Am I pure and simple, or messy and complicated? Not that I need anyone to answer that for me, as I am perfectly happy being both at the same time...

But, for the sake of making my life more prone to transition and wanderlust (Will I ever truly settle down? There's so much of the world still to see!), I suppose I shall have to rid myself of some of the little trappings I have grown accustomed to shlepping around. (See? Yiddish rules!) It feels good to let things go sometimes. And I really don't think that I need all those old Fushugi Yuugi stickers anyway...


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