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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A quick note on synchronicity

But then I have to go. (I have to return the cable box to Bright House for lunch today. Yay.)

So, at one point, I did The Girl In Black (the strip) for a local culture website called The people who did it were friends of a friend, and I never met them face to face. Until last night.

My next door neighbors were kind enough to sign for an important FedEx package I received when I wasn't home (how totally cool of them!). One of them recognized my name, and heard me talking to another friend outside my apartment last night (thanks again for the help with moving, man). It was pretty cool putting a face to an email address.

The funny thing was, when I first met my other friend, he recognized my name from my comic strip the one time it ran in the Orlando Weekly (a long story). We were talking about that fateful meeting, and how I had my usual "What? Strangers know my name?" reaction not twenty minutes before my neighbor introduced herself.

How's that for synchronicity?


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