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Friday, March 04, 2005

Oi, what could have been!

My ex found this neat Jewish stuff online. It reminds me about all the fun stuff I learned from him about Jewish culture. For instance, there is something so cool about tossing a few yiddish words into your conversation every so often. ("Shlep" is one of my favorites.) Well, I've had other Jewish friends, so I already knew some of the yiddish. But I learned how awesome matzoh ball soup is (and knishes. Gods, to have the metabolism to be able to take on all that starch...). And I learned about some of the dynamics of Jewish culture in general.

The differences are astounding, or at least, they are to me. I was raised with a Christian mentality
(as it was all my mother knew at the time), and since there apparently wasn't a terribly large Jewish population in Central Florida (enough to allow the culture to be a part of daily life), all I knew were other "Christians." (This also includes "Christians-turned-Atheists", "Confused-Christian-Devil-Worshippers", "Christians-turned-Pagans", you get the idea.) Sure, there was always the "Jewish Kid" in class, but asking him questions every now and then barely scratched the surface. It was quite the culture shock to realize that the way I had been taught to think isn't the way that everybody has been taught to think. (Yes, I am aware of the existence of different cultures and their viewpoints, but it is easier to get the mental differences when there are other obvious differences like language and country of origin.)

I also learned that there are a lot of dumb Christians out there who look to re-incorporate Judaism as a part of Christianity, trying to fit it into their own little mold... I can tell you first hand, they don't have a clue. Instinct tells me to give them props for trying, but really, they just don't get it. (Note: upon trying to find a link for "dumb Christians" that outlines the mentality of Christianity embracing Jewish culture, I am hard pressed to find a good example. All I find are tolerant, seemingly well educated viewpoints. Score one for Google, or for the people of the internet promoting intelligence and tolerance in religion.)

Knowing all of this now, I will miss this influence in my life. I still may want to acquire a "shiksa" t-shirt, since by all rights I always have been and always will be. (Why not take a derogatory word and turn it into one of empowerment? By this logic, though, I am also quite a "raging bitch.") Conversion, though? Not so much...


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