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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Isn't it funny...

...that I seem to have become slightly less materialistic? Well, perhaps no one has noticed inasmuch, but I have. (The few "girly" posts I have attempted feel a tad forced.)

I used to go to the mall almost every weekend. I haven't been there in a month and a half save for last Saturday to go and claim my pretty dress as payment for mailing my ex his belongings. I still want to dress nice and wear makeup, but it's not my entire life or my highest priority.

The mall was fun and all, but I didn't feel the same that I used to. I used to dream of the "good life", where I would be able to do things like shop at Neiman Marcus for clothes, wear Prada shoes (I've always loved that name...Prada), and buy all of my cooking gear from Williams-Sonoma. Now? I don't know exactly what I want anymore. Life isn't about money, and it never really has been, but I was starting to think so just a little. Being so unhappy probably wasn't helping. And think on all of the other lost souls wandering the mall, looking for fullfillment in Burberry and Louis Vuitton.

My brother is right to despise it.

Not that I'll ever stop going completely. I still have to find a nice pair of shoes that fit me after all.


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