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Thursday, March 17, 2005

He's gone...

...back home to family and old friends. And his sendoff is a grey and rainy day, and one last kiss on the cheek from me.

He opened up my world, showed me different ways of thinking and being, took me places I never would have been otherwise. I wouldn't know The Mars Volta, or Interpol, or Gargamel if it weren't for him. I wouldn't have seen the green rooms of both the Orlando House of Blues and Hard Rock Live (HoB's is more comfy). I wouldn't have seen what it's really like to work in a campaign office. I wouldn't have seen Bruce Springsteen. And I wouldn't have passed up on the offers of nearly so much pot.

So raise a glass of Guinness (it is St. Patrick's Day after all), and toast my ex. May his future path grow ever brighter.

(It's always easiest to speak well of the recently departed, whether they be that way by locational circumstances or more finite ones.)

I'm going for pizza tomorrow with my coworkers tomorrow, and have a rather busy weekend ahead. (Yes, Interpol and the House of Blues are involved.) So blog posts only if I feel like it.


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