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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Deus Ex Machina...


Trade shows are terrible for sensitive folks like me.

Take a vast, empty space, fill it with a maze of walls without ceilings that do nothing for the windswept-lot-ness of the place, throw in a large group of people, half of which want to talk to you about things you barely know about, while you stand on thin carpet over hard concrete, and eat outrageously priced food, and keep this up for eight hours a day over several days.


But the real fun was at the end of the day, when my coworker friend and I noticed one of the fire sprinklers had suddenly, inexplicable decided to deluge the booth below it in a shower of nasty fire-sprinkler water.

The fire alarms went off, and we decided to vacate for the moment. (The famous last words of many fire victims are "But we didn't think anything was wrong...") When we realized that it was, in fact, a false alarm, we headed back in and walked by the indoor rainstorm to see it for ourselves.

It was a complete misty waterfall raining directly onto one of the trade show booths. It looked like a deus ex machina moment in a movie. (Yes, I use the term deus ex machina rather looseley.) People were standing all around taking pictures, carpeting was hastily pulled back from the area, and the concrete floor was becoming increasingly flooded.

Goddess knows what chaos awaits me tomorrow, as I have to go back. (My boss has thrown his back out, so I get to fill in for another round.) So, again, no blog post unless I do one late.


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