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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Dear Goddess, Please Make It All Stop...

Darlings! Soooo much has happened since I last posted! Let me tell you...

At 7:10 am last Friday morning, the fire alarm went off in my apartment. Now, this piercing shriek of an alarm usually goes off at about 3 am and is usually a false alarm. (It's literally painful, and often I am forced to lie hunched up in bed with my fingers in my ears until I can compose myself.) So this time, instead of getting ready for work as usual, I paced about for a bit in confusion, trying to decide whether I should ignore the potentially false alarm or actually get my stuff and the cats together and get out following the "we didn't think anything was wrong" method.

When the alarm shut off after about ten minutes, I figured everything was alright and went about my business. Until I heard what sounded like the shower running in the bathroom my ex had occupied for the past three weeks. (I'm in a 2/2 right now.) Thinking that somehow my cats were able to turn on the shower (hey, it was 7:30 in the morning!) I went to investigate. And what do I see upon investigation but my own "Deus Ex Machina" moment a la last week's trade show pouring down out of my bathroom ventilator. (A steady shower of water pouring onto the bathroom floor through the bathroom ventilator, that is.)

Call me Noah, for I had quite a flood on my hands. (One of my friends had described my situation as "biblical.")

Fortunately, I was luckier than the guy next door to me. Most of the water was on the tile in the bathroom and kitchen (which quietly turned into a lake while I was showering for work in the not-flooded bathroom), all of the water came into the apartment on the side where my ex was staying, and he had just left town when the rain started. (My neighbor had a small lake forming outside his front door by the time I left for work.) No major furniture damage either, not even to the massive, ubercomfy queen sized bed that I have had yet to reclaim as mine.

Unfortunately, I came home to four industrial blowers and a huge dehumidifier staged at various spots in my apartment, taking up space and making a terrible racket. Plus, my apartment which was only slightly left in chaos after the departure of my ex had become an even more disheveled mess. How is a girl supposed to relax with her favorite cds and/or television shows when her living room is akin to a noise-cancelling wind tunnel?

And it doesn't stop there. Not only did the heavens rain down dirty water into my peaceful home, but my ex had unknowingly forgotten to undo a setting on my computer used because we were networked together. (You simply cannot live with a techno-geek and not have all of the computers in the house networked. It is law.) So for all of Thursday and Friday I had no internet at home. Obviously, I tried to spend most of the evenings out.

Of course, right when my internet was fixed my computer speakers decided to flake on me, so I couldn't take refuge in my mp3s in the one quiet room in the house. *harried sigh*

Aaand I finally did my taxes, and for the first time in my life I owe. A lot. ("Mazel tov on being a taxpayer!" my ex tells me. I know he's snickering somewhere...)

All of this background stress took its toll, and by Sunday night I was hardly in a mood to go see Interpol all on my oddy knocky. But go I did, and rockin' they were. I even made a new friend! Yay for being outgoing and meeting cool people.

So much more to write and do and say! Perhaps another post later...


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