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Sunday, March 13, 2005

And if rain brings winds of change, let it rain on us forever...

There is definitely something about clubbing all night and waking up in the late afternoon... I always get into an odd mood. The events of last night have caused me to pull out my VNV Nation cds. Very good stuff.

The trade show ended uneventfully. The booth that was rained upon was back up and operational the very next day, with a sense of humor even. Little inner-tubes, umbrellas, disaster area stickers, and swimming goggles adorned the dried out booth, and a power point presentation showed the curious what actually happened. Mad props to them for that one, I hope they got some business out of all the attention.

The boys in the booth next door to ours had caught my eye as "cute and apparently my age" on the first day, but as I sidled up for a little friendly chat I soon realized that they were both entirely too shy to have any fun with. Of course, my coworker friend teased me incessantly about this for the entirety of the show.

I foolishly struck up major conversation with them on Saturday (as I did have to attend the third day as well), which was the day they were leaving, so any sort of hanging out was thwarted rather quickly. But I suppose it's all for the best, as I probably came off as quite talkative and opinionated (boys take note, this is what happens when you don't add to the conversation and merely ask a girl questions). The conversation helped the time go rather quickly though.

I helped with the strike and load-out of the booth, which amused me to no end simply because I had dressed for work (classy outfit, black pumps) and there I was pushing a dolly loaded with heavy boxes around all of the forklifts and gritty union workers.

I was simply exhausted by the end of it all, which meant that it was time to call my gay boyfriend and go out clubbing. I strapped on my sexy heels, dusted myself with sparkly powder, and set out to hit some of the most popular gay clubs in Orlando. It was a whirlwind tour, and I danced and drank and ogled many many men. Unfortunately there weren't as many women around as I would have liked (kissing a girl is most definitely on my lifetime "to do" list), but oh! To be young and glamorous and single, and run around town with your young, glamourous, single friend, drinking vodka and blasting club music in your car as you smoke your cigarettes and dash off to the next "happening" place.

(For the concerned, I haven't picked back up smoking entirely, but any former smoker knows how well cigarettes and drinking go together...)

We topped off the evening with greasy burgers from Steak 'n Shake, and an attempt to watch Family Guy that I was entirely too tired to stay awake through. I made my way home, and chatted online with another night owl friend of mine as I drank my water in an attempt to stave off hangover.

I woke up this afternoon a slow wreck, but it was a small price to pay for an evening's pleasure. I will have to do this more often.


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