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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Almost finished moving...

And oh what a move it has been.

But it hasn't been that bad, really. Just something that needs to get done. I was a leg up on my brother, having packed the kitchen up all nice and neat (I even labeled the boxes!), but on the "Big Day" when I scheduled the truck, there was still plenty left unpacked that I had forgotten about (like an entire closet of art supplies).

However, most of everything got packed up and moved out. I am blessed to have such a helpful family that lives in town. My brother's girlfriend, and an old friend from high school helped round out the team, and we were able to knock out all of the furniture, packed boxes, and newly packed boxes over the course of the day. (Of course, we had a late start. I love my brother dearly, but punctuality is not his strong suit.) But it didn't matter. Having a whole team of supportive people to make the day go by faster did.

However, true to form, I lost it later in the day. Mainly because my vigilant packing squad infiltrated my ex's closet, something I had meant to deal with myself at a later time. Not only was the pressure of having four people awaiting your orders amidst the chaos bad enough, but suddenly I was being asked questions about things I hadn't even thought about yet. And I was met with many amazed comments of how much stuff he left behind for me to send back to him.

It didn't help that the night before I enlisted my brother, his girlfriend, and someone else on a semi-impulsive painting party. The music was kickin', the mood was high, we just didn't have enough paint to finish the job that night. D'oh!

To make matters worse, the lovely dark brown that I chose as an accent wall for the living room seems to have dried darker with the second can I purchased at a later date. D'oh again! I am wondering if perhaps it is because I went over some of the already dry areas for touch-up? I will need to return to Home Depot to suss out this matter...

But this is a big milestone in my life. This is the first time ever that my life is completely my own. My parents aren't supporting me (like they did in college, and I thank them every day for it), I have no roommates, I have no live-in significant other. I am completely alone and independent, and I'm loving it! Even all the rest of the moving that I have to do myself, I feel so good about it. (My mother can't help but try to tell me how to do things, but I now have the werewithal to ask her politely to lay off. She's working on it. )

I could write about all the emotions that have surfaced over the weekend, how my neighbors seem pretty cool, and about how I found my ex's emergency pack of cigarettes (score!), but for now I think the best thing to do is slather on a deliciously cool and chocolatey face mask from Lush and kick back. I've still got work to do tomorrow, as well as work to go to tomorrow.

Bon nuit!


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