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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Typing to hear the click of the keyboard...

Yeah, I thought I'd type out a really nice, amusing post for people to read, but my thoughts are just scattered to the four winds.

However, I do want to post something. I think it's theraputic for me. I have the Goddess Oracle deck of cards, and I did a little "how can I heal?" reading last week.

It was interesting.

Obviously I needed to grieve my loss (do I still need to? God I'm so sick of being sad...), and the underlying cause of this whole mess is change (which I welcome, because I was in a terrible rut), but the one thing that I can take action on to help me get through is apparently...

...laughter. Wha? How the hell am I supposed to find this funny? But I'm thinking that maybe it's more a matter of finding the humor already there, and not trying to make light of the sad bits. And the best way for me to find something humorous is to tell someone else a story about how "tragic" my life is (obligatory raising of hand to forehead in 3..2..1..), because despite my overwhelming need to express every little nook and cranny of my psyche I'd hate to think that I was boring anyone with another pity party story.

So there we go. I've found my raison d'etre (is there a French way to say reason to blog?). Now if I could just find an affordable apartment in a decent neighborhood that has all the amenities I want...

End note: I am going to see Wilco tonight. It's part of the fallout from having dated a guitar-playing indie rocker (along with a bitchin' iTunes discography). But I think it's better for me to go with a friend than to try to sell the tickets on Ebay. At least one of us gets to go. (Sorry hon.)


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