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Monday, February 21, 2005

Nothing helps a headache like a hangover...

Two of the most glorious and terrible words in the English language could be the term "open bar." Another two words could be "vodka tonic." And throwing in the words "Tori Amos" makes for an interesting Saturday night.

"The Club" at Firestone (But didn't it used to be called just "Firestone?" Why yes, back in the day Firestone was apparently the most happening club in Orlando, but like any good club its excesses got the better of it, and now upon resurrection "The Club" is not allowed to be called "Firestone" anymore due to it's connection to Firestone Tires.) hosted a cd release party for Tori Amos's new album Saturday night. There was swag to grab (A free cd single and a poster), drinks to be had, and merriment to be enjoyed by all.

I am still suffering a slight headache this morning.

But Sunday wasn't a total loss. I dragged myself out of the house during enough daylight to hunt down a few more apartments. The neighborhoods look promising. I'll be making some phone calls a little later. I even managed to do the laundry and move my essentials from the master bedroom to the guest bedroom where my former will be sleeping in a few days. (Yes, I decided that allowing him the room that makes for easier sleeptime avoidance of the cats was the best course of action.) Now I just have to clean the shower...

For the sake of being girly I must mention my Saturday retail therapy excursion with one of my dearest friends. Mainly I just wanted to mention the heartache of trying on such a pretty and fabulous dress that fits perfectly and makes me feel like some sort of princess, only to know that ultimately I could not afford such a luxury right now. Stupid reality. Why must I be forced to perform such trivial things as eating and paying bills and rent? (And of course, upon visiting the website, I find even more dresses to fall in love with. This heartache is killing me...)

And for those of you who haven't heard, my beloved Hunter S. Thompson passed away
, supposedly by a self-inflicted gunshot wound. I am terribly saddened by this news, as there never was nor will be anyone able to walk the line between genius and madness quite the way he did. Through his eyes I saw the decade of my childhood in an entirely different light, as well as the one preceeding it. He did all of the crazy things that a lot of us only wish we could (although some do try), and he lived to tell about it all in its full beauty and terror. Goddammit, we still need him down here! He will be sorely missed.


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