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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Back from the watery depths, my Wilco adventure...

So yeah, I meant to post yesterday, but yesterday proved to be one of those awful, daydreamy affairs where I am hopelessly trapped in my own head replaying fantasies and emotions like a washed up star laid up in bed, drinking, and watching her movies of former glory. It got so bad that later that evening I spent two hours agonizing over an email to a friend of mine trying to find the right balance between conversation and weepy "pay attention to me" rhetoric. (I hope I leaned more towards the former.) Thank goodness for the clear light of day.

But now, to business. My Yankee Fog friend wrote something really funny for McSweeney's.

Annnd it is my Carpetblogger friend's birthday. Go wish him a happy one. Do it. Now! Why didn't I post? Um..cuz I sent him an email already! Don't ask so many questions.

So how was Wilco? Why, I'm glad you asked! That's what I was writing about yesterday before I got lost in the muck and mire. My friend who was supposed to go with me bailed at the last minute, and I couldn't find a replacement. I tried to befriend some of the hipsters in line, but alas I am just too uncool. To amuse myself I looked back down the line and saw an echo of horn-rimmed glasses and patterned button-down shirts for quite a ways. I was slightly astonished that no one I knew (either through myself or my ex) was there. Things deteriorated into boring very quickly.

The opening band
was good, I think. People around me seemed to enjoy them. They just really weren't my thing, as I was getting my mope on in the corner. I was getting really good at it too, and even started to question why I was there at all. However, I knew from experience that the opening band does not reflect the main attraction and I would probably be happier once Wilco took to the stage. So I held out, but decided to position myself close to the exit so I could split quickly and make it home to the comfort of my cats and the Day-After-Valentine's-Day chocolates I had purchased on sale at Walgreen's before the show. (I am ever the opportunist.)

Now I'm going to sidetrack for a moment, and mention my little secret fantasy that comes to mind whenever I go to a show. I'm probably not the only one who harbors hope that they will meet someone fun and interesting at the concert of a preferred musician. And I'm definitely not the only one who wonders if there's a chance that somehow they will get invited backstage to meet the band after the show. The fact that this has never happened does not deter me, the fantasy lives on. It was particularly accute at this show, as I was by myself. But hey, I thought, who am I kidding? Magic never happens to me like that. Nope. No way.

Okay, back to me moping by the exit. Enter Mister Random Nice Guy. He captured my attention, we exchanged pleasantries, and, desperate for conversation and attention, I offered up my little sob story about how I was experiencing my ex boyfriend's birthday present alone. He tooks this as the signal to start mackin' on me hardcore, and mentioned that he (and the group of friends he came with) are friends with one of the band members. Okay, yeah, right. He seemed like a nice guy, despite being a little too much with the "I think you're cute" attentions, but come on!

And then he whipped out an official House of Blues "After Show" badge (yeah, I know what they look like) that he proceeded to plaster to my shoulder. Okay, holy shit, I started reeling from the sudden shock of having my little rock 'n roll show fantasy come true. I realized that this could be an adventure that I needed to follow. Even if I really had no intentions of more than friendship with this guy.

And you know what? I had a really good time. He dragged me all over the venue to see the show from different angles (and find many many excuses to hold my hand and whatnot), gently forced me to dance with him and just open up in general, and made me laugh a lot. It was a so much more fun way to watch a show than my usual "I'm going to stand in this spot and not move for a few hours" routine. The only thing that made me feel bad was that I let him get a little too carried away with the affectionate contact (although it was all pretty tame) when I knew that I really wasn't going to let him get anywhere with me. But Goddess help me, I just wanted some attention. I wanted to spend a little time with someone unable to keep their hands off of me. I don't know if that's a wrong thing or not.

I left during the encore, and gave him back his "After Show" badge. I kissed him briefly and thanked him for a wonderful evening, and then I was out the door. I practically ran to my car, desperate to return to my usual "comfort zone" and yet feeling better about myself than I had in days. I really didn't know quite exactly what to feel, so I called my ex and discussed a few mundanities about him coming back to move his stuff out of our apartment, and proceeded to eat post-Valentine's Day chocolates all the way back home.


  • At 12:27 AM, Anonymous Matt Lampert said…

    Ha! What a fantastic rock and roll story!

    So nice to stumble across your web presence as well. Followed a link off of Jerry's web page, and found your last comic stip a month or so ago. I've been checking back periodically for updates; and here, lo, today I find not an art update, per se, but a whole different kind of web presence. Yes, I've done the back-reading, so yes, I now understand the rather sudden departure.

    Still and all, nice to get a little glimpse of you. Oh; and you may not even remember me; isn't college funny like that? Tall fellow, we used to be sequential artists and goth-club attendees together, once upon a time. Any rate, take care of yourself. And if you need a change of pace at any time, can I suggest a nice blue state like New York?

  • At 1:07 PM, Anonymous Jeff Skinner said…

    Hlo Rose! Nader Nader Nader!

    (I hope that makes you remember me.)

    I agree with Matt - totally cool rock and roll story. Sometimes it is good to feel attractive and desirable without having to do anything about it. May you have more of the same so's you don't feel so down.

  • At 1:15 AM, Blogger The Fabulous Miss Rose said…

    Wow, I'm writing all this girly stuff and I'm getting posts from guys! Awesome! ;-) Hey Matt, I remember you. NYC ain't my scene, I'm thinkin maybe Ka-lee-for-nee-ah.


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