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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

See you on the other side...

And so this blog's time has come.

My life is doing quite a bit of unraveling at the moment (and just when I thought that I was going to have a lovely knitted sweater). As a result, I shan't be posting to this blog anymore. (Yes, I know, your lives have been shattered. Quelle horreur!) And no more Girl in Black either, or any artistic substitute. (Not yet anyway, but I'm not making anyone hold their breath.) I might be doing something commonly known as "finding ones' self" for a while.

I'll probably start blogging again somewhere else, under a different name. I do enjoy it so. And I'd like to keep if I can (I have to remember where I registered it...). But don't expect anything for a long while.

If you're a personal friend of mine, I'm mostly alright. You can call if you're terribly concerned, I've just got a lot of stuff I'm figuring out. I may call you myself at some point (except Jacob. American calls to London are terribly expensive, and vice versa).

Okay, that's it. See you on the other side.

Thursday, January 13, 2005


Bored. Bored. Bored.

What do you do with the last twenty minutes of your lunchbreak when your lover doesn't want to talk to you on the phone, you don't feel like talking to your coworker, you've read all the internet comics you like, you've checked your horoscope, and you don't feel like shopping on the internet?

Find a primary care physician on your health insurance provider's website!

Well, I would, except that the site runs terribly slow. I have no idea why it does this, but the last time I changed PCPs it took me a good 40 minutes, and I knew the doctor I wanted to go to beforehand!

Of course, the site listed her as accepting new patients, and silly me ignored the caveat of calling ahead to verify this was still the case. So I make the switch (which you have to do before seeing any doctor that you haven't been referred to), go through the rigamarole, and call to make an appointment. But what's this? She's not taking on any new patients! What a gip! (It didn't help matters that the receptionist had an accent that prevented me from understanding her clearly. I have a serious personal problem with not being able to understand human beings when they are talking to me.)

So my new health care card arrived in the mail the other day, listing my PCP as this woman who won't see me, and now I have to go find another. Only, I haven't really had time to spend hours in front of my computer trying to figure it out. (How do you decide you want to see one doctor over another one anyway? Since I live near the hospital there are millions to choose from...)

Here's the best part, though. When you change your PCP, they ask you to choose from a list of answers as to why you want to change. One of the choices is that this doctor isn't accepting new patients!!! So they know that their system is flawed! Why can't they just fix it and make it work? Heaven forbid that I need a doctor right now. What would I do?

So, what do you do with the last twenty minutes of your lunch break? Complain in your blog about your healthcare provider, that's what.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

So this is the New Year...

...And I don't feel any different...

Well, that's not entirely true. Sorry about the lack of updates. I had a post that was a comment on a post at, but I ran out of time on my break before publishing it, and then when I went to publish it later I realized I wanted to research stuff to back my thoughts up and then before I knew it it was after Christmas and into the New Year and...

*takes a breath*


I just figured I should put up something. Interesting things ("Chinese Curse" interesting) have been going on in my life, but they have been of a terribly personal nature, so I can't really share. I will state for the record that I have been doing a little bit of soul searching, and I am terribly lonely as my beloved is away. (I've been making weekend trips up to D.C. to see him. The cats are terribly distraught.) All will hopefully be righted next week. Life sure seems to be a bitch when the Moon is in Scorpio. (That was last week btw.)

That's about all I have to say right now I think.

Ciao Darlings!
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