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Thursday, December 16, 2004

Where are my Adwords? WTF?

Subtle, no? So yeah, has anyone else noticed that my whole identity bar thingie that is supposed to constantly sit at the top right of the screen gets pushed down to the very bottom after all of my postings? No, I haven't asked Blogger what's up, and I haven't looked at the code to see if I could fix it. (It would probably accomplish the same thing as when I lift up my car hood: I look at a bunch of stuff that I only vaguely understand for a second, see nothing obviously out of the ordinary, and go back to the business of not knowing what's wrong.)

I've got other things going on in my life too, I just don't know if I should write about them. I get nervous about sharing personal information in places where it isn't really that anonymous and it can get traced back to me. I attribute this to the fact that Mercury was in Scorpio on the morning I was born. (See? Now isn't that a much more fun and mysterious way of saying that I'm a private, secretive individual?)

Anyway, there's someone a lot cooler you should check out right now. Go over to and check out Les McClaine's Jonny Crossbones. He's finally updating again after being really busy, and it sounds like things are taking off for him creatively big time!

Aw man! Lunch is over. *sigh*

Next time I'll tell you all about the wool tights I plan on purchasing online (because it's a lot harder than you'd think it is).

Thursday, December 09, 2004

Back from La La Land

And no, I'm not referring to L.A.

Sorry to any regular readers for not having posted in a while. Oh, and I'm sort-of sorry about that wiggy last post. I won't take any of it back (I said what I said), but when I read it about a week after I posted it I thought to myself "Stream of conciousness post...ew!" But anyway, c'est la vie. It's been posted, and commented upon, and was a necessary form of expression for the time. Moving on...

Happy Chanukah to any Members of the Tribe that happen to be about! Mike & I made latkes, and not as much of a mess as I thought we would. They were yummy. (Yes, anyone who knows me knows that I don't eat potatos normally, but homemade latkes are my one exception. Forget the rumors about Wendy's french fries. Those are but an evil temptation I succumb to only rarely...)

What? No, I'm not Jewish, I just enjoy a lot of Jewish culture. (And Lewis Black. He's my angry barking dog. *insert dreamy sigh here*) I won't lie, I've considered conversion, but it's a really complicated thing to talk about on my lunch break. Only since dating Mike have I learned how amazingly, intricately complicated Jewish culture is. Hell, that's a really compliated thing to talk about on my lunch break as well...

Now that I've left myself no time to talk about it, I'll mention that I've been trying to think of what I'm going to do to fill the void of The Girl In Black, and I'm not sure yet. I want to design a really nice website for starters. I may just move the domain over to this blog for the moment. (Keenspace takes away your space if you don't update for a long while.) I need to do something, but I've been lost in the land of "Waiting for the Muse to Strike."

Which is a hop, skip, and jump from La La Land btw.

Oooh! Speaking of Muse... I got to see them at the House of Blues the other night. Oh my god it was incredible! You can read my ranting about it in this message thread (scroll all the way down)...

A bientot mes amis!
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