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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Catalog finally finished, Vote For Change!

I have survived! After many many late nights, culminating in one hell of an all-nighter, I have finally finished work on my company's catalog. And it doesn't look half bad. So now I can actually focus on the rest of my life again, at least for the moment. Whew!

As a sort of roundabout reward for my hard work (in a karmic and holistic sort of way), I got to go see the Vote For Change show in Orlando! Alas, we walked in at the very end of REM's set (the band that I really really really wanted to see), but I got to see a legend in real life perform, and that made up for it. Who am I talking about? Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band! Damn! The whole show I'm watching these incredible musicians have effortless fun on stage, and I'm sitting back thinking "that's how it's done!"

Bruce came out first, alone, and played a very beautiful instrumental Star Spangled Banner on an acoustic guitar. Immediately afterwards they launched into "Born in the USA." There are very few moments in my life that I have felt an honest, rousing sense of patriotism, and that was one of them. (It felt good to hear the song properly, knowing that Regan usurped "Born in the USA" for one of his campaign songs despite the fact that it was about a Vietnam Veteran and not very happy.) It made me remember something that I need to: this is my country too. And being patriotic doesn't have to mean "God and Country" and flag stickers on white SUVs and having a quiet, comfortable life in the suburbs and all those other things that my life doesn't encompass but seem to fit into what I have come to think of as stereotypically "American" and "Patriotic." It means being me, because I am an American, and I need to take care of my country, and I can and should express love for my country in the ways I see fit, because not every patriotic person fits into that "Patriotic" stereotype and we all need to know that because I think that a lot of us don't know or forget.

Other show highlights: John Fogerty came out and played with them for a few songs (including "Fortunate Son" and "Bad Moon Rising"!), so it was like two sets in one, and then Tracy Chapman sang a song with them and then Michael Stipe sang with them and then Mike Mills and Peter Buck came out and played with them and then I thought the show was over. THEN they all came out and played together for TWO songs! It was SO FREAKIN' COOL! And I watched Bruce lead the whole thing with this quiet, confident charisma, and I realized that's why they call him "The Boss." (It was also really cool watching Michael Stipe do his thing, cuz he's just so friggin cool. He even had a really cool John Kerry shirt on and ran around the whole stage showing it to the crowd so they could cheer.)

Okay, maybe that sounds silly or whatever, but that's what I felt. It was really an incredible evening.

Anyway, I've recovered most of the sleep I've lost, and rested today. So I should be getting The Girl In Black up and running on the normal Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule now.

Cheers! (As the Brits say.)


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