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Tuesday, September 07, 2004

The Longest Most Boringest Hurricane Ever

And boy was it! The most major thing this storm managed to do was ruin Labor Day weekend for countless tourists and residents. (Which is actually pretty serious when you consider that much of Florida's economy is based on tourism.)

Of course, we had to lose power.

It didn't happen until Sunday night, though. We were checking up on the news, and heard that Frances was downgraded again to a Tropical Storm. Mike said "I think I'll make dinner now."

And then the power went out.

And from our entire apartment building there rose a collective moan of "Oh, COME ON!" You mean to tell me that I spent money that I was putting aside for SPX on canned food only to have the power go out when the storm is pretty much over!? Of course we got it back the very next afternoon. Not even 24 hours were we without our precious air conditioning. And I could build a little fort out of all the stuff we got. Water jugs, canned food...and I was worried that we wouldn't have enough. Now I have to wait one more paycheck to buy my plane tickets for SPX. And the price went up while I was waiting, which is apparently "highly irregular" (so speaketh my lover-turned-travel-agent). Whatever it is, it is inconvenient.

But we're okay, Orlando's okay, my family's okay, my strips are updating, they still make sugar free chocolate. I guess life is pretty good.


  • At 10:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Poor Miss Rose, no comments for you, well here's one.
    If haikus were in a 3-5-3 format that would be one, aww....

  • At 10:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Just read the new Girl-In-Black... heehee, SGS. Never heard of that before.
    Made me giggle quite a bit XD
    Keep doing those, they bring a light to some empty evenings... :)

  • At 11:50 AM, Blogger The Fabulous Miss Rose said…

    Yeah, I'm suprised no one's come up with the term SGS before (or something like it). It makes perfect sense, doesn't it?

    Glad to shed some light on your evenings! I'll keep making them if you'll keep reading them. :-)


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