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Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Girl In Black UPDATE 9-4-04

So, I had an update written two days ago explaining that there have been further complications in my quest to upload Girl In Black strips to my server, but my browser crashed before I could post, and as many of you know, once you've already written out what you wanted to say you really don't feel like writing it out again. So anyway, suffice to say, there are a number of strips that are saved in an incorrect file format on my computer that are all integral to the strips that I have saved in the correct file format that are waiting to be uploaded. I am working to remedy this problem.

Hi Jacob! Thanks for the post, it's good to hear from you. :-)

In the meantime, there's a hurricane coming! Again! This one's frickin' huge, but it has weakened significantly. We're still waiting to see what happens when it crosses the gulf stream, because it might get stronger again. The really annoying thing is that it's moving very slowly, so while most of Orlando shut down yesterday afternoon, the damn thing won't start pounding us until a little bit later today! I can see the headlines now... "Hurricane threatens Orlando - Thousands die of boredom" At least Barnes & Noble was open. I bought David Boring and The Coffee Trader to read.

I read David Boring yesterday and enjoyed it immensely. It's a book that I'll need to read a few times to really pick up on stuff though, which makes me feel slightly intellectually inferior. (I read Ghost World several times as well, but it got better each time.) Am I the only one who reads the lofty critical praise of comics only to read the comic itself and go "Now where did that comment come from?"

At any rate, it felt good to buy a comic book again. I haven't bought any comics in a long long time. (I haven't had any faith that the comic I will be reading will be as satisfying as a novel in a long long time.) The thing that kills me though is that you can find a selection of comics ten times better at the Virgin Megastore than you can at Barnes & Noble. It makes me a little sickened. Their "Graphic Novel" section is one whole bookshelf side of manga, well organized, and then a small section on the other side crammed with superheroes, a copy of Jimmy Corrigan, and a few other small treasures like the David Boring book that I bought. Conversely, the Virgin Megastore goes through the trouble of putting all different genres of comics on display. They also have a wider selection of alternative comics.

A lot of people seem to think that the reason Manga is so popular is the variation of story lines. I find this highly unlikely, as every Manga story seems to fall into one of a handful of story types. I could try to go into it all, but it would take up a lot of space. Basically, Manga isn't as varied as some people think. And the few people I have asked (who are comic book readers, not artist/writers) have stated that it is the artwork that keeps them reading. And who can blame them? A lot of the artwork is beautiful.

Actually, I've just had a lot of problems with comics in general, and I should probably rant about it all another time, as I have turned this into a very long post. Or maybe this is all stuff that I have said before... Hmm...

And the sky is getting darker...the wind has picked up...the rain begins to fall...


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