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Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Girl In Black UPDATE 9-4-04 - PM

So hey, I managed to get all those pesky strips into the right file format! Woohoo! I went ahead and did an update for today (Saturday), so there should be a new strip up in the next few hours. Updates should now continue regularly into early October unless there is a problem with the computers what host my strip. I could say that I plan on having my strip updating regularly and smoothly for longer than that, but I don't want to make an entirely empty promise.

So anyone who's been watching the American news today has heard about almost nothing but Hurricane Frances. Unless they're watching the Fake- I mean the Fox News Channel. I mean, they might be reporting on Frances nonstop too, but I haven't really been watching to find out. (I haven't checked to see if any world news stations are saying anything either.) Isn't America sick of our hurricane yet? I know I am.

There's a couple outside across the street. I saw them earlier today, they were arguing. I think they're arguing now. There's something wrong about maybe they're drunk. (And white trash.) Did I say that?

On a more positive note, this has been one lovely vacation getaway for my lover and myself. Aside from the whole being stuck in the house because nothing is open thing, we've had fun together. We dined on lobster and scallops last night, slept in this morning, made love in the afternoon... This totally makes up for not being able to take a weekend trip to New York City like we had been talking about.

I think I'll sign off of my computer now. I heard some snap-crackle-popping like fireworks, only I saw a blue flash. I think a power line got knocked down. All we need is for a branch to hit a transformer and the lights go out.

For the record though, the winds and rain aren't that bad yet. At least, I don't think they are...


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