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Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Girl in Black Minicomic UPDATE!! 9-29-04

Gosh, it's getting closer and closer to the time when I get on an aeroplane... I'm leaving Thursday night! Yikes! I haven't even done my laundry!! I have, however, completed my minicomic, Liberal Freak Show, and the cover does look pretty snazzy despite the lack of printmaking finesse I've applied to it. If I had the wherewithal to do so, I'd post a picture of it. However, there is absolutely no time for me to do this before SPX. Seriously. I was at work until after midnight last night, and then headed straight to Kinkos for my usual late night print-fest. And then I had to get home, go to sleep, and wake up at 7 to do it all again today!! I have reached that euphoric state of dimensia that only sleep-deprivation can bring...

I sure hope that some of you who are reading this are actually coming to SPX so that my guilt won't be for naught.

Oh! And the strips that are updating online currently actually are the previews for Liberal Freak Show, they just are labled as a "blast from the past" rather than "sneak preview." So enjoy!


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