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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

An update of Miss Rose's life

So, I've got this blog...I may as well post in it, right?

I got a response to my last post! Yay! Thank you anonymous poster! Your post has given me validation that I am not just typing into an empty echo chamber, and made me smile that day. (And today, now that I think of it.)

I know it's been well over a week since my first official Girl In Black post, and I know that not a lot has happened online since. Obviously that means that life has been happening behind the scenes! Mainly, I put my life on hold to watch the Democratic National Convention on tv every night (god I love the Clintons) and even went to an awesome house party for the final night when Kerry gave his speech. The only downside was that a pissy neighbor called the cops on us, as a group of us were forced to watch tv outside, and we just had to clap and cheer for the good speeches. Oh well. I got warm fuzzies about being a Democrat in America for the first time really since I was following Howard Dean's campaign. Yay America! Yay Democracy!

And then at the same time I found out that my boyfriend's grandfather passed away. Between that and him pulling near 12-hour days for work this week, I've been worn out taking care of him and myself at the same time. (My job isn't any less stressful at the moment.) This also means that I'll be out of town for a few days next week, but I'll try to get some more drawing in, and maybe even attend to my ailing scanner before I leave.

(But what I really want to do right now is go to Ann Taylor and buy that skirt and shirt I put on hold... But where...where will the cash come from!?)

And that has successfully concluded my lunchbreak. A bientot mes amis!


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