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Sunday, July 25, 2004

The Girl In Black UPDATE 7-25-04

So yeah, that getting something to drink and eat turned into running errands, cleaning the bathroom, dinner, a show, sleep, and brunch. Not that it matters, I don't think anyone is really paying attention to me yet. Anyway, here is an explanation of why I haven't updated The Girl In Black in a while...

About four months ago, I was working a part-time retail job, had no health insurance, was living in my old apartment, and had a boyfriend who smoked about a pack a day.

Right about now I am working full-time doing marketing and graphic design for a kickass company (I may or may not talk about work...I haven't decided yet), am living in my new apartment, have a boyfriend who is no longer smoking (it's been a month and he's doing awesome), and am expecting my health insurance card in the mail any day (woohoo!). So, it is suffice to say that I haven't really done much of anything except get up, go to work, and come home for the past few months.

But I'm better now.

Oh, the other thing that has been holding me back is that about four months ago I purchased a brand new computer, which I subsequently forgot about and left abandoned in my new "office." I just found out a week ago that my scanner hasn't been playing nicely with my new OS yet (Hopefully I can fix this soon) and all of my old material is sitting, hermetically sealed, in a tower by the window. (It's just bugging me that I can't access all my old stuff and that there's a totally new organization system on my computer that I have to get used to now.)

So that's where I've been all this time. I've got new strips to put up, I just have to get them scanned in somehow. Once that happens, I plan to keep up with them. I'll post news about them here and title the post "The Girl In Black UPDATE" with the date, because I think I'm gonna write other stuff here too. And that's it. I hope this blog is as informative and entertaining for you to read as it is for me to write.

Okay, it's Sunday. Time to go do all that other stuff that I didn't do on Saturday and can't do while I'm working... *sigh*

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Check Me Out, I'm Awesome!

So I'm probably one of the last people to jump in on this whole "blog" craze. Which is ironic, because the reason I didn't get a blog in the first place was because by the time I had heard about it I figured that all of the "cool people" were already blogging and doing a fine job, so why should I crash the party with what would obviously be seen as a "pay attention to me!" ploy? (I don't know where the tendency in me to demand to be the newest and bestest and most specialest in whatever I do came from. Or the silly thought that I have to be a "pioneer" because that way there isn't anyone else to compare me to, so I can't fuck up. It's all very counterproductive.) But now I suppose that blogs have become more of a "tool" than a "fad", since all of the marketing magazines I've been reading are offering tips on "how-to-create-a-business-blog-because-it-will-be-oh-so-useful-to-you-and-
make-you-money." Wait...

So, anyway, I really decided to create a blog to keep people updated on my various art and cartooning projects. There are a few people out there (whom I have never met) who think that my comic strip is pretty good and worth tracking me down for. In my infinite subconscious attempts to not get noticed by anyone, I neglected to post a link to my email address on my comic strip website. Which means that someone had to take the time to figure out how to find me. I don't know how easy this really was, but it impressed me a lot. And I thought that if there were a few people who actually did track me down, there must be a few more out there who like my stuff, but haven't tried to track me down because it's too complicated. (There is no shame in this, it's human nature. I do it too.) So now there's a place you can come to find out why I haven't been updating, what's been going on in my life, and my thoughts about stuff (comics, art, politics, food, etc.)

But this is just an introductory post. I want to write a very Girl In Black-centric post, but first I need to go get something to drink and maybe even eat. I'll be back...
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